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Torgeir Vaage; CEO

Extensive experience from the financial sector in Norway. For the last ten years been involved in a number of early stage biotechnology companies in the Nordic region in the capacity as CEO and CFO. He holds a MSc from Norges Handelshøyskole (Norway) and a PhD from UC Berkeley.

Prof Aurora Martinez; CTO

PhD in Biochemistry. Professor at Dept. of Biomedicine, University of Bergen. Expertise in biophysics, structural biology, drug design and cellular biology, investigating how structure determines molecular recognition, stability and function in selected biomolecular networks. Expertise in compound screening and early stage drug discovery, with special focus on PKU and development of novel therapies based on pharmacological chaperones.

Dr. Mikael Thomson; Drug Development Consultant

PhD in pharmacology and toxicology), Mikael Thomson has worked in the pharmaceutical area for close to 20 years, and comes with a broad background from drug development, extending from preclinical development through phase 2 clinical work, having worked with both large pharma and biotech start-ups in the Nordic region. He is a member of several pharmaceutical societies and has authored or co-authored more than 50 publications/abstracts related to early drug development as well co-author of several patents.

Dr. Ann Kari Grindheim; Director of non-clinical development

Ann Kari Grindheim is a pharmacist by training and has extensive experience from cell biology and biotechnology research and development from the University of Bergen. Ann Kari is in charge of all cell culture work in Pluvia as well as managing the preclinical development.

Dr. Karina Skjervheim Prestegård; Senior Scientist

Karina S. Prestegård has a Master of Science in Biology and PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Bergen. She has several years of experience from working with transgenic mouse models, and is in charge of planning and executing the in vivo experiments.

Altanchimeg Altankhuyag; Researcher

Altanchimeg Altankhuyag has a Master of Science in Molecular Biology (University of Bergen). She is doing the day-to-day maintenance of our mouse colonies, with genotyping as her main task. She is also involved in the planning and execution of the in vivo experiments.

Trond-André Kråkenes; Research technician

Trond-André Kråkenes has a Bachelors degree in Nanotechnology and is currently doing a Master in Nanoscience. Trond-André is in charge of performing enzyme activity assays and is also supporting other research activities in our project.